Now seven days into the new order of things post lockdown and whilst we need and are ready to change or react to any concerns or revised guidance we feel very happy that we are able to offer our guests a safe and enjoyable experience here at Widbrook

We must all abide by the guidance and advice given for our own wellbeing and that of others around us

Our principle objectives are to:

Provide and encourage hand wash or satanising

Maintain social distancing

Close down all shared facilities

Maintain an enhanced and rigorous cleaning protocol

We have additional staff to serve those breakfast service items that were previously self serve, coffee, fruit and cereals. Our full extensive cooked menu is available, this can be served in the somewhat reduced capacity dining room, in your room or in the various covered outside spaces or indeed in the full morning sun if it stays with us all summer.

We want our guests to enjoy their time with us and we are very open to conversations regarding concerns you may have prior to or during your stay, it is natural to have some worries.